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PRP Weekend in Istanbul

Undergoing several PRP treatments is highly recommended to make all your hair stronger and tougher and we take pride in going the extra mile and proposing various solutions to our clients.

Thanks to the wide network of clinics we collaborate with across nearly the whole country, you can have the treatments done in your own city.

Or you can organise to have one or two sessions done overseas, combining the treatment with a trip to one of the wonderful European cities we have on offer, and taking one or more people with you.

So, a trip for health purposes can also become a wonderful experience, a way to get out of your routine and indulge in a weekend abroad. You might even bump into some of the people with whom you shared your hair transplant experience at Dr. Serkan’s clinic.
But that’s not all! We have another fantastic option that we are thrilled to make available to our clients: have your PRP treatment done in Istanbul!  
Why not take advantage of this opportunity? In one hit, you can go back to a wonderful city, undergo one PRP treatment right there in Dr. Serkan Aygin’s clinic and furthermore, benefit from a hair transplant checkup with Doctor Serkan himself!
At Aratravel, we are offering a great deal to our clients:

A 3 day, 2 night package including return flights from Italy, accommodation and breakfast, transfers between the airport, hotel and clinic, a PRP treatment and hair transplant checkup with Dr. Serkan Aygin for only 590 Euros!!!

And, what’s more, you can add a travel companion for only 400 Euros extra including return flights, accommodation (2 nights), breakfast and transfers.
So, that’s a package of 590 Euros for the patient or 990 Euros if you wish to take a companion.
Istanbul is ready to welcome you back with open arms!

And Aratravel is happy to accompany you again.