Hair transplant with FUE techniqueDr Serkan Aygin Clinic - Istanbul

Hair loss? We have the solution!

Travel for 3 days to Istanbul and have a FUE transplant

Hundred of customers every month travel to Istanbul from Italy in order to get a FUE transplant, and we give them full assistance.

After 3 days through one of the best clinics in the turkish city, the hair loss problem is solved once and for ever. Fue transplant is a relatively simple type of surgery. It lasts around 3-4 hours and nowadays is the only actual solution to male alopecia.

Working in strict contact with the Dr Serkan Aygin clinic, we offer a full package including flights, nights in hotel, transfers, guide, all treatments in clinics, and full assistance before and after the trip.

Everything is absolutely guaranted and written in regular contract. For those who travel from Italy the basic all in package is about 2650€. Fell free to contact us for every detail and further information.

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